The Christmas Tree


When I think of the beauty of a Christmas Tree, I am instantly taken back to the wonder of my childhood. I would often see a Christmas Tree and all the beautiful lights whether they were colored lights or simple white lights. The breathtaking ornaments that had the significance of a memory, or a snowman, elves, reindeer, or Santa himself. I always loved to see the Christmas Trees that were color coordinated. They always brought me a sense of joy and excitement. Although I didn’t grow up in a home that celebrated Christmas, this time of year always seemed to be a time of joy and celebration for a vast majority of people around us.

My husband and I have been married for almost eleven years and we have never put up a Christmas Tree. To be honest there was not a real desire to do so mainly because of the work involved. But something very special happened to me this summer. It was during the month of July as I was spending time with God and the anticipation of Christmas came over me. And for the very first time these words came forth from my lips “Father I would really love to put up a Christmas Tree this year.” In that moment I knew something different was happening within me. I was filled with a childlike joy at the thought of Christmas.

I remember sharing this news with my husband later that evening and he looked at me with that puzzled look on his face and the response of “REALLY?!”. I replied “YES I WOULD LOVE A CHRISTMAS TREE THIS YEAR”. His response to that was just a simple “OK”. Over the next few months I continued to mention the tree in my conversations with God. I can only describe it like a small child pulling on one of the legs of her Father and saying Daddy, Daddy…I would really like to have a Christmas Tree.

As the Holiday Season approached I remember one day going into a store to simply look at Trees and Holiday decorations. As I looked I began to notice that some of these decorations were on the costly side and the Christmas Tree was no small investment, and I will admit for a moment I was tempted to give up on having decorations or the Christmas Tree. But the confidence that God heard my request and because I know that his word says that He loves to give good gifts to His children was comforting to me in that moment.

Some weeks later I was asked post an item online for someone to sell on social media. Doing this required me to spend time on an area of social media that I normally didn’t spend much time on. But due to the consistent inquiries about the item for sale I had to check it and respond frequently. It was the same afternoon that the item sold that I saw a photograph of a Christmas Tree for sale posted. The amount listed for it was well within our budget. I sent an email inquiring if the Tree was still available and it was. Two days later my husband and I picked up our very first Christmas Tree.

I am constantly in Awe of how God is always cares for every detail of our lives. This was a huge request to me and the thought that He was wrapped up in every detail of the Christmas Tree back in the summer warms my heart with an even greater love for him. He is truly an Awesome Father!

3 thoughts on “The Christmas Tree

  1. It is Simply Amazing how God opens doors on our behalf. I’m Thankful for just that trusting him in all things. Your testimony is Amazing


  2. C H R I S T M A S!!! This account warmed my heart. I have been known as an Elf with my Christmas Cheer and handful of trees in our home. I just love the season! I am so thankful God knows our heart from the smallest to the largest desire. ABBA Daddy gives good gifts to His children and provides accordingly. I don’t know if you’ve been to the Festival of Trees in downtown Greenville at the Hyatt or not but YOU NEED TO GO! It’s free of cost. We go every year. Merry Late Christmas as we are currently in May 2021 🙂

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