Resting on His Shoulders

A few weeks ago I got to witness a remarkable event in the lives of two very dear friends of mine. I had the opportunity to witness an adoption proceeding. I remember getting to see the high energy and joy of my friends. This had been a lengthy process with many curves along the way but the day finally arrived. Both of their boys were dressed in their Sunday best along with the gifts they received that same morning. You could also see the joy on the faces of the women who worked diligently to ensure everything that needed to happen, legally, for this day was done. At one point there was some nervousness that entered the atmosphere as some paperwork came into question. However, it was quickly cleared up so the adoption could proceed.
There is one thing I remember the most about the day. My friend boosted his son over his head to put him onto his shoulders. The look of joy and excitement on his little face was so very priceless. His Aunt was teasing him and playing with him with sounds she was making that brought such a deep rooted laughter from within him. It was in that moment that the Lord began to speak to me. He said to me “You see how he is just resting upon his Father’s shoulders without a worry or fear of his Father dropping him or anything happening?” “This is my desire for you to be that way with me. That you would be in such a place of rest and trust that you can have the same joy you see him experiencing. Truly this is my heart for all of my children.” At that moment a blissful feeling of His great love came over me. Him loving me and the world so much that He wants us to be in a place of total peace, rest as well as incredible joy.
As we entered the courtroom to begin the hearing I could see the Father’s heart being put onto display right in front of me. Here is this beautiful young child who at one time was an orphan and homeless. This Amazing couple answered the call to bring him into their home and he was no longer an orphan or homeless. He is now a Son and part of an Amazing family. The entire purpose of why Jesus came was to reconcile us back to him, to give us Sonship, and place us into His Eternal family. And in the midst of it all He wants us to rest on His Shoulders as Beloved Children. Oh what a love!
As the adoption hearing began to close and the judge saw fit that my two friends should now become his parents. The judge called out his new last name. There was not a dry eye in the room from the case workers, both sets of grandparents, the new adopting parents, and myself. I will forever be reminded of this day and forever thankful that Father invites me to simply Rest on His Shoulders.

6 thoughts on “Resting on His Shoulders

  1. Wow Natalia! This parable is ON POINT! The way the Lord uses the ordinary to express His extraordinary keeps me in constant AWE! What He spoke directly to you stopped me in my tracks as I read. Oh to allow ourselves to REST in His presence and TRUST His faithfulness on a continual basis is a JOURNEY. Taking one step at a time, one day at a time helps this sometimes challenging process. Good Word!!

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